Nutrition is vital to both health and beauty.

We encourage people to learn about good nutrition using fresh, organic whole foods whenever this is possible.  When supplementation is considered, we recommend products with whom we affiliate because it is our experience that they have value for beauty, health, and/or pain management.  We believe these are high quality products that can help with pain management and improving overall quality of life.

We recommend supplements, especially those recommended in the Haché Protocol for Pain Resolution.  These are available Here.

RBC Life has several products that we have used and like. Microhydrin® and Microhydrin Plus® are excellent and unique.  They are very helpful in shifting the body to a healthy biological terrain state.  Some pain management practitioners recommend Microhydrin® to all of their clients.

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Our links are provided for your convenience.  We recommend that you do your own research and discuss your supplement choices with your health care practitioner and your pharmacist.

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