is a Minnesota Nursing Agency offering alternative non-invasive pain management for new injuries and for chronic pain situations. We are available on a limited basis by appointment only. Before making an appointment, you will need a medical practitioner’s order for a device and a practitioner order for treatment.  This does not mean that you will be purchasing a device, but allows for nursing use of our devices.  If you later decide to purchase your own device, you will likely need the Device Prescription at that time.

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SCENAR Care nursing practice is limited to providing non-invasive, non-cognitive microcurrent electrical stimulation and to health and nutrition education.

We are transitioning from using the RITMSCENAR Expert Device to Avazzia™ Devices.  Avazzia™ devices provide many more microcurrent program options than our older RITM device.  We use a variety of techniques and protocols for the application of microcurrent.

MICROCURRENT Patient Education

What can I expect if I come to SCENAR Care, LLC?

After obtaining a Practitioner Order and a Prescription, you can then schedule an appointment.  At your first appointment, you will meet directly with a trained MICROCURRENT Therapy Nurse to discuss your pain history, to review your health history forms, and to learn more about MICROCURRENT Therapy. Your nurse-therapist will offer health education and make recommendations, but you are in charge of your health and of decisions about your course of MICROCURRENT therapy.

How does MICROCURRENT work?

MICROCURRENT works interactively through skin responses.  MICROCURRENT acts differently than older forms of electro-stimulation.  MICROCURRENT impulses are responsively varied by the devices.  This helps to prevent accommodation to the treatment stimuli.  Avazzia™ devices provide body-friendly sine waves.


MICROCURRENT is used most commonly for pain management and muscle relaxation. MICROCURRENT can help the body restore function.  MICROCURRENT can help the body and brain communicate more effectively.  MICROCURRENT can also change the functional character of scar tissue.

What can I expect during a MICROCURRENT treatment?

You can expect that the MICROCURRENT device will be set to your individual comfort level for chronic type problems or a bit higher than the pain you are already experiencing from an acute injury.  As the device is moved over your skin, you may feel a prickly or tingling sensation.

You can expect that the treatment will be responsive to your body’s reaction to the treatment, i.e. treatment will be individualized for you.  During the first sessions, you can expect the nurse to use the device on any scar tissue you may have, either on the skin surface or deeper tissue scars or both.

You might also experience an emotional response to some MICROCURRENT interventions.  Pain and bodily dysfunction are emotional as well as physical experiences.

What can I expect after a MICROCURRENT treatment?

You should notice some kind of CHANGE after a MICROCURRENT treatment.  People have varied responses to MICROCURRENT treatments.  Some people feel more energy after a treatment.  People often report more refreshing sleep and improvement in their sense of well-being after MICROCURRENT treatments.  Some people note less pain and more function right away. Other people notice effects later. Depending on your individual condition, you may sometimes experience a slow response to MICROCURRENT treatment.  You may even feel different pain (or other symptoms) than you did before the treatment.  Change (even change in pain) is a helpful response to MICROCURRENT therapy.  Change indicates that your body is responding to the intervention.

What should I do before & between treatments?

  • Abstain from alcohol and recreational drugs for at least 24 hours before and after MICROCURRENT treatment.

  • Do not bathe or apply chemicals to your skin for 2 hours before or 2 hours after a MICROCURRENT treatment.

  • Drink an increased amount of water after a MICROCURRENT treatment to aid your body in eliminating waste products of metabolism. Water is water. Water is NOT the same as other drinks made with water. To quote another MICROCURRENT practitioner: “If you wouldn’t rinse your dishes in it, don’t rinse your cells in it.”

  • Try to avoid or reduce pain medications before a MICROCURRENT treatment.  This allows for more effective use of microcurrent so that pain can be identified and treated.

  • Monitor yourself and keep a log of your response to MICROCURRENT treatments and other health interventions you are doing.  Discuss changes you notice in yourself and changes you make in your health interventions with your SCENAR therapist at your next SCENAR therapy appointment.

What are side-effects of MICROCURRENT treatments?

During MICROCURRENT treatment of chronic conditions, occasionally a healing crisis may occur.  This may be experienced as headache, lack of energy, flu-like symptoms, and malaise.   Healing crisis occurs when the body is getting rid of toxic wastes too rapidly. There are techniques that can be used with the MICROCURRENT to manage this.

Sometimes MICROCURRENT patients experience symptoms of past conditions while undergoing a course of MICROCURRENT therapy.  While uncomfortable, this process can be considered beneficial in the overall process of the therapy.


Persons with pacemakers or those with organ transplants should NOT use MICROCURRENT.  Other conditions with limits or contraindications for MICROCURRENT include heart fibrillation, intoxication, personal intolerance, pregnancy, and severe mental disorder. Because MICROCURRENT increases blood flow to tissues, this practice chooses NOT to treat people with active cancers as we do not want to increase circulation to rogue cells.

MICROCURRENT is non-invasive, non-surgical, and non-pharmaceutical. MICROCURRENT has been used for many years.  Few unwanted side effects have been noted. The impulses sent by the device are similar to the body’s own impulses and are considered safe.

Pre-admission Forms

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Practitioner Qualifications

Sharell (Shari) Comnick RN, BS, CHES

  • Registered Nurse in Minnesota since 1973.
  • Health Science
  • CHES (Certified Health Education Specialist)
  • Trained by Dr. John A Haché, DNM and Dr. Lorraine Ann Vanbergen-Haché, Psy., pioneers in bringing Russian SCENAR technology and protocols to North America.
  • Trained specifically in SCENAR as well as broader training in Biofeedback.
  • Continuing training in use of Avazzia microcurrent prescription devices.

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Beautiful Health is a multifaceted business that links health related goods and services. Sharell (Shari) Comnick RN, BS, CHES manages and coordinates these business streams.

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