A while ago, I noticed a person walking down the street with a very large sign declaring, “Health Care is a Right.”  That started me thinking that no matter which side of that debate one is on, our everyday lifestyle practices and self-care modalities are more about responsibility and CHOICES than rights.  Choices empower us.  It’s hard to be a victim of circumstances when we realize that we have the power to choose how we spend our resources and what health-promoting lifestyle choices we are able to make.


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Musical Frequencies

Corey Pryor’s Abundant Human Elements CD has the sounds of the frequencies of the elements most abundant in the human body.  It is very relaxing listening for most people.  We have had experience with people feeling significantly better while listening to this CD.

We have a limited number of these CDs available soon and only until our supply is gone.  These will not be offered online.

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Beautiful Health is a multifaceted business that links health related goods and services. Sharell (Shari) Comnick RN, BS, CHES manages and coordinates these business streams.

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