Beautiful Health is here to facilitate improved quality of life for people.  That too, is our goal for our online presence.

We are excited to share with you our new affiliate relationship.  We are thrilled because this now includes an online education option which we highly recommend!

Click Here to learn more about products and education. The human body endures many experiences that affect its mobility as well as its health and well-being. Our Creator built the human body with an amazing capacity to heal itself. Modalities that help the body with pain resolution (of either new injuries or chronic conditions) provide improved quality of life.

Together with Beautiful Health and our new affiliation, you can stimulate pathways for healing and encourage the body to work as it was designed. Health is beautiful, and the ugly truth is that many people live with chronic pain or nuisance aliments because we are told it’s “just how it is” or “chalk it up to aging”. A 35 year old runner with pain or an 85 year old with pain – still want to enjoy life fully. Should a fresh injury or an injury from years gone by be allowed to dictate a person’s level of activity or how they spend their time? We don’t believe that has to be the case for everybody.

Beautiful Health is here to help. We want to empower people experiencing painful acute or chronic conditions to be more in charge of their health. We are also encouraging professionals who care for people with either acute or chronic pain conditions to learn about microcurrent biofeedback devices and their use in pain resolution.


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Beautiful Health is a multifaceted business that links health related goods and services. Sharell (Shari) Comnick RN, BS, CHES manages and coordinates these business streams.

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